Take Time to Enjoy Delaware

In the Northeast area of the United States lies a small gem that is sometimes forgotten. Although it is the second smallest state out of all 50 of the United States, it is the six most densely populated. I’m talking about the state of Delaware, and regardless

of whether you are looking for a place to live or if you just want to visit, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

Delaware was first explored in the 16th century by Europeans and before that time, it wasn’t inhabited by Native Americans, including the Nanticoke and the Lenape. The first colony was near the area of Lewes and the territory went on to become one of the original 13 colonies that took part in the American Revolution.

The majority of Delaware is within the Atlantic coastal plain so the ocean plays a big part in moderating the climate. It is a transitional area that lies between a continental climate and a humid subtropical climate. Although it is only 100 miles from the north to the south, the variation in temperature can be significant. In fact, the southern part of the state has a longer growing season and a much milder climate.

There are plenty of opportunities for those who would like to live in Delaware and the beach area is one of the better locations for those who plan on retiring to the state. There are plenty of things to do, regardless of whether it is the summertime or wintertime and it is always beautiful along the coast.

If you plan on living in the state and working, the salary is the seventh highest in the United States and it is the ninth fastest growing of all of the states. When you consider the proximity to larger metropolitan areas, such as Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore, you certainly are not without options.

Even if you’re not going to live in the state, it is well worth a visit and there are plenty of things to do. You can enjoy some tax-free shopping along the Delaware Beach or some fine dining and a quiet walk along the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout the state, you will find beautiful gardens, large mansions and plenty of things to keep you busy.

Delaware may not be the largest state but it certainly has a lot to offer. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit or put down roots in Delaware, it is a choice that is well worth considering.